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November 1, 2011 12:40 am

Some say that Autumn is the best season for beautiful pictures. The days are getting shorter, the air is cool and crisp, the weather is not too cold and the trees are beginning their dance with multicolour leaves!

What else is left for us to do other than join the show? The perfect gift for me would a picture that is the epitome of Autumn. Have I found it? Have I taken such a picture yet? My answer would be NO to both.

I have some quick tips to get great autumn pictures. Here they are:

Camera setting: Most SLR’s preset setting depicts the image quality to be normal. This should be changed to VIVID. White balance can also be changed to CLOUDY or SHADE. This can add another punch to the colours and make them look warmer.

COMPOSITION: Here for example you can put my previous tips on composition to use. Great things to look for are silhouettes, clear backgrounds. Most importantly, DO NOT shoot into the sun. It will only cause flares and all the colours will be washed out.
However, a clear blue, dark or stormy sky will make the perfect backgrounds. It also a great season to use your Macro lens (if you have one). if like myself you don’t, check your camera settings as some SLRs have this option. Beautiful and unique close up can be achieved in macro.

The perfect of MOMENT: Don’t worry, am not going romantic here. All i want to say is the GOLDEN LIGHT of the sun rising and sunset gives us THE BEAUTIFUL LIGHT SHOW. we the dawn with a coating of dew or even the melting of the evening frost, the sparkles and the light reflection, the mist. Nature at its best. All that’s needed is fo us to drag ourselves out of bed.

If like me you will like to start introducing people in your pictures, start by including joggers, cyclists and dogs (they are quite unpredictable but they make great subjects). Just keep an eye out.

In the mean time, here are some great pictures that will inspire us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Autumn means to you guys? A picture, a location, an event. Please share your thoughts with us……..