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Taking pictures using a PHONE

January 17, 2012 1:43 am
We all know that it’s not every day that you will want to drag your heavy DSLR around. However, some great opportunities to shoot come around and you just want to quick yourself because it’s the day you decide to leave your camera at home. On those days I just shoot with my phone. I have an iPhone so it kind of makes my life easier (that’s other than looking like a tourist). Am not guaranting a great result but a picture worth showing to people….Here are 10 quick tips for iPhone Photography

1 – Hold the phone as you would your SLR

Yes I know. It sounds strange but since it’s a phone it is smaller and lighter so we just hold it in one hand but you need BOTH HANDS and with your right you trigger the shutter.

2 – Dont zoom in with the camera, ZOOM in with your FOOT…..

It’s getting stranger isn’t it?  If you want a close up of a subject, get closer, walk towards it. It’s as simple as that. Even with a tiny ZOOM, your picture will loose quality unless what you are after is GRAINY and PIXELATED picture

3 – Take multiple copies

Just like an SLR, the iPhone allows you to take numerous copies of the same subject. Never delete pictures while you think are not good enough until you’ve had a chance to have a look at them on  computer.

4 – Light

Like with any camera light is important so are with phones. Lower the light the more chance of obtaining a grainy and bad quality picture. Unless you are taking a picture of the sun and sea, keep the light behind you and your subject we lit.

5 – Check the resolution and picture settings on your phone and turn them up.

6 –  Keep the camera as still sa possible. Otherwise any movement will result in picture blur
7  – Be creative and take pictures at different angles. Don’t just stick to what you know
8 – Clean the leans
Our phones go through a lot in their lifetime. The least we could do is clean it’s lens
9 – Processing of your pictures
Tweak the contrast, light and saturation if neeeded. Adjust the highlights and brightness as it generally needed.
10 – keep it simple
Don’t go for too much when you are taking a picture with your phone. Keep on subject.
                         Have a good Weekend everybody!!!!