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The reason why I like shooting Architecture

January 20, 2014 10:45 pm

Living in London, I count myself lucky to be in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and in a city that has so much more to show me. As you may already know, London is a big city, full of skyscrapers as well as original buildings thrown in. Some mixed in with the new modern glass buildings. A city full of character.

– What I love about shooting architecture is that you do not need to travel far from the house to find an inspiration. In Central London for example, you have the London City Hall, The Gherkin, Sage Gateshead, London Eye, The Shard….etc

– There’s always an eye catching building in every city you visit which means that there’s always great images waiting to be taken. Bold shapes, sharp corners, curves, patterns all there waiting to be noticed.

– All forms of architecture make great subjects, from the very old to the new.

– There isn’t any any rules when it comes to shooting architecture. Your eyes and your imagination are the only things that are needed.

– Shooting architecture can open your eyes to many new things. For example, some of the best images I came home with are the ones where where I got lost or when I left home without any plans in mind.

A while back, I read that bold light can be an ally rather than an enemy when shooting architecture. I love shooting on overcast days as they can result in stunning Black & White images. Because the light projected from the sky is soft and diffused which sometimes reflects beautifully on modern buildings and great at enhancing symmetry.

Using glass buildings as mirrors, you can also capture some stunning reflections of the clouds on beautiful sunny days.

Even though they are no rules, one thing we must not forget is that COMPOSITION is key. It is what set your work apart from everybody else’s so it’s important that you keep one’s eyes open and most of all to be patient…..

The Old Royal Naval College – Greenwich